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 Poetry: What's Life All About

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Poetry: What's Life All About Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: What's Life All About   Poetry: What's Life All About I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 3:53 am

What’s Life All About?

What’s life all about? We often ask ourselves this?
Especially, when times are hard, not one of bliss!
What is the sense of life that one day will be taken away?
It seems that to live, Death is a very high price to pay!

What of all those that have gone from this earth before?
Does it matter now whether they were rich or poor?
Christians that prayed were in history eaten by wild Lions!
Other poor unfortunates have been left hung dying in irons!

There’s Countries with Dictators that are known to be cruel!
Carrying out Torture and Murder for a bloodlust to fuel!
Little Children that die from a germ the eye just cannot see!
Is the Great Creator just having cruel fun with you and me?

Why is it that we must all wither and eventually grow old?
That’s just the way it’s meant to be. So we are told!
Why did the Creator invent cruel deaths and disease?
It seems he had no humanity and did just what he please!

These same questions have been asked down through the ages.
Is there a Book of life. And if so. Just what’s on those pages?
It seems the more we ask the more we’ll get all confused.
Perhaps the answers will only come when this Life we’ve used.

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Poetry: What's Life All About
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