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 Poetry: War!

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PostSubject: Poetry: War!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:41 am


For the World that we knew, the end could be quite near.

The talk now is of a World War caused by Terrorist fear.

This will be a War where the West battles the East.

A War fought between Sanity and a Fundamentalist Beast.

Weapons of Mass Destruction are sure to be used.

And Human Rights with all its meanings will be abused.

But, this War will mean the cleansing from a Fanatical Religious Onslaught.

And for the sake of our Children’s Children it just has to be fought.

There will be fiery Nuclear death dropped from the sky.

And people vomiting and screaming as they Chemically die.

There will be Biological Agents that will make people so terribly ill.

They would give everything they own for just one cyanide pill.

However horrible this War becomes that we just have to fight.

However terrible the destruction and shockingly traumatic the sight.

We have no choice but to strike hard this Insane Enemy today.

Because if we do not it’ll be Us and our Children that will eventually pay.

War as we all know is a terrible choice that Man at times has to declare.

And it can not always be fought in a way that can be called totally fair.

At times Man has to choose from what the end result from it all will be.

Like at this time, a much safer World to live in. For you and for me!

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Poetry: War!
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