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 Poetry: A Bunyip's Life!

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PostSubject: Poetry: A Bunyip's Life!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:27 am

A Story Poem

A Bunyip’s Life!

Bunyip was out hunting around his favourite tree-lined Billabong.

He was trying to snare some Victims using his weird Groaning Moaning Song.

The strange sounds of it wafted over the water and then through the Mulga trees.

Its melody so hauntingly hypnotic as it drifted on the breeze.

A young Couple inexperienced had decided to camp there for the night.

They heard the Bunyip’s Song pulling at them with all its magnetic might.

There was little choice but to succumb as the weird Song filled their ears.

They were both drawn towards the Bunyip without any worry or fears.

Now they were like Zombies as they walked towards certain death.

Bunyip sang more powerfully now with each hot excited breath.

The Victims forgot each others presence and walked as in a trance.

Neither had the will to refuse and so now never had any chance.

Bunyip would stay well hidden till they were just a short distance away.

Then he would leap out and eat them both, they’d pay dearly for their stay.

The hypnotised Couple came closer and then Bunyip sucked in his breath.

He’d never seen such stunning beauty that he’d ever lured towards its death.

The young Woman, a real Goddess, her body and features so perfectly made.

That even Michael Angelo’s best couldn’t equal, and he was very good at his trade.

The Man, well, who cared, he’d make a suitable meal for Bunyip this day.

But he couldn’t bear to tear apart and eat, such a stunning beauty quite this way.

Because Bunyip had been so taken with this Woman’s really beautiful features.

He’d stopped singing his weird Moaning Song that lured all other poor creatures.

But instead of screams as the Couple regained their senses and their sight.

The beautiful young Woman smiled at Bunyip without showing any fright.

Oh look darling! What a fantastic creature in this Billabong we’ve found.

Yes sweetheart. I believe it’s called a Bunyip! There are not many of those around.

Isn’t he marvellous. Such a wonderful sight all purple spotted and bright green.

I think Bunyips have to be the most beautiful of creatures I have ever seen.

I wonder if he is hungry Darling. Do you have any idea what it is they eat?

Bunyip was now so embarrassed he was blushing and shifting both his big feet.

I’m not sure. I don’t know much about Bunyips, or wild creatures living out here?

Why don’t we take him back to our Camp then and offer him food and a nice cold beer?

Bunyip couldn’t believe it was happening as they led him back by the hand.

Didn’t they realise he was the most feared of all creatures in this big brown Land?

He was so confused now he accepted their offered food and their beer.

And they treated him like a Buddy with kindness and not in any fear.

Then in the morning when the young Couple were packed to go again on their way.

Bunyip really found himself wishing earnestly that they would take him too away.

They both then gave him a pat. Then said what a wonderful creature you are.

Bunyip didn’t need a second invite as he squeezed into the back of their touring car.

Now Bunyip lives with the beautiful Woman and that other lucky Guy too.

While he misses being a Feared Creature he’s learned just how to make do.

Very innocently he watches TV News while the Couple are busy kissing.

The News announces, "Some local Neighbours, have now mysteriously gone missing!"

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Poetry: A Bunyip's Life!
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