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 Poetry: In the name of the Law!

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PostSubject: Poetry: In the name of the Law!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:09 am

In The Name Of The Law!

Ok! Stop right there! In the name of the Law!

Get off yer’ bike now! I won’t tell yer’ no more!

Put yer’ ‘ands up on top of yer’ ‘ead!

One false move Punk! And you’ll be dead!

What are yer’ up t’? Just what’s yer’ game?

Where d’ yer’ live? And what’s yer’ name?

Yer’ just another Punk in this neighbor’ood!

Just looking fer’ trouble! Up t’ no good!

You’ve broken some Law! I just know that!

So better ‘fess up now! You smart arsed Brat!

Ah huh! Yer’ face’s gone a shade of sickly pale.

Yer’ know I’ve got yer! And yer goin’ t’ jail!

Well! If yer’ didn’t want t’ ‘ave t’ do the time!

Yer’ shoulda’ thought before yer’ did the crime!

So tell me right now Punk! Just what yer’ done!

Don’t make me slap yer’ around with me gun!

"Excuse me! Officer! Why are you arresting that lad?

Surely such a youngster couldn’t have done anything bad?

I know Crimes are increasing , and Drugs and the like.

But really? Arresting a Three year out riding his Trike?"

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Poetry: In the name of the Law!
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