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 A Sample of Picture Poetry

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A Sample of Picture Poetry Empty
PostSubject: A Sample of Picture Poetry   A Sample of Picture Poetry I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 2:57 am

This will give you some idea of Picture Poetry.

This a sample only so do not Reply. Use General Board if you need further help or instruction.

Generally with 'Picture Controlled Poetry' It becomes a competition for the best entry from a picture chosen by a Member to start it off and has a time limit of no more than one month for entries. Then each poem is voted on by all Members participating or wishing to vote. The Winner will be named in a New Category forum termed 'Winner's; Poetry and Writing Competitions' that Admin will construct.

The poetry must relate to the picture used. You can copy and use picture put up in your reply or just refer to it visually as required.

A Sample of Picture Poetry JanChallenge

The poem written below.

Waiting For You!

I caught just a tiny glimpse of you.
Strolling innocently in your garden high.
A beauty such, as I’ve never seen before.
I must see you again, or I’ll surely die!
I come here now almost every eve.
Hoping that God will grant me this.
Just to look upon your beauty once again.
Will fill my empty heart with bliss!
Please! Come out and show yourself.
I know that you’re there within.
Such glorious beauty hid from sight.
Is against nature. A Mortal Sin!
God has favoured you with such beauty.
He never meant that you should hide.
Please! Come! Join me at my table!
Come down! And sit here by my side!
Come dine with me on the fruits of love.
Partake of my quenching wine.
If only you’ll give me just a tiny chance.
I’m hoping that, I can make you mine!
Scented flowers here cloy the air.
The perfume grown just for you.
Even mother nature is on my side.
Calling sublimely, with me too!
Please! Don’t stay in your house on high.
A beauty that’s ever hid from view.
Come down! Please accept my gift of love!
I’m waiting here, just for you!

Copyright Retribution.

Regards Retro
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A Sample of Picture Poetry
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