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 Poetry: I'm getting old!

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PostSubject: Poetry: I'm getting old!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:41 am

I’m Getting Old!!!

Just what are these terrible aches and pains I now continuously feel?

Are they the beginning of old age. Will they get much worse still?

Is this the start of the final end-road of life that I now have to hoe?

That it will not get better, and these aches and pains will never go!

Unfortunately, there’s no panacea, or any kind of preventative pill?

That will make me feel young once again and take away this ill?

I must just accept that my life is ending and is fast winding down?

That my wits may also get slower and I might slobber like a clown!

The younger generation may then have to look after me out of their pity?

Or maybe put me in some "Old Farts Institution", far out from the city?

Will I have to be very careful then not to upset them or have a tiff?

In case that on home-day they might let my wheelchair run over a cliff!

In reality, if it ever it gets to where I can no longer wipe my own arse.

I reckon, to go on living would be totally useless. A cruel kind of farce!

While I certainly have no wish to cause my family any deep pain or strife!

When it finally gets to that kind of existence, I would take my own life!

So is this what I have to look forward to over the next few painful years?

That there is just nothing one can do about it, no matter how many tears?

That I’m gonna’ have to accept that in life terms, it’s getting pretty late!

And suffering these terrible aches and pains in Old Age, is my final fate!

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Poetry: I'm getting old!
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