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 Sample Dark Poetry!

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PostSubject: Sample Dark Poetry!   Sample Dark Poetry! I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 5:38 am

Old Hag!

Get off me you ugly old Hag! I know your tricks through lore!
You lay heavy on Men asleep! Their very lives to try to score!
Your weight upon their chest, takes away their last gasping breath.
You cackle madly as they struggle, against such a frightful death.

But I am stronger than you Old Hag and I am going to win.
You can’t frighten me with all your screaming Banshee's din!
You can pull all your horrid faces and look with eyes glowing red!
But in a minute you’ll find your stinking body flying from this bed!

I can feel how strong you are. Your weight pressing on my chest!
But I won’t give up my life easy, though you’re trying your very best.
You’ve met your match this time you horrid long haired Ghoul!
I’m gonna’ toss you right off me. Make you look a pathetic ugly fool.!

There now! Old Hag! How did you like smashing against the wall?
How do you like this real good kicking now as on the floor you fall!
What? Your asking me for pity? When you tried to take my life!
You didn’t give a damn for me, or making a Widow of my Wife!

No! Old Hag! I’m gonna’ break your bones, and grind your face to dust!
The only memories or proof you once were will be a stain on the floor like rust!
I’m doing Mankind a great favour by destroying you right here.
No Man again will dread your presence! No Wife will need to fear!

Copyright Retribution.


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Sample Dark Poetry!
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