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 Poetry: The Bunyip!

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PostSubject: Poetry: The Bunyip!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:20 am

Some Australian word usage you may not know meanings of;

Bunyip = A mythical creature from Australian Folklore.

Billabong = Usually the deep water holes left when "Storm Rivers", dry up in summer.

Bushmen = Those who have worked in and are very familiar with the Australian Outback.

New Chums = Those people new to Australia, as Immigrants, or Visitors.

Drover = One that takes Cattle or Sheep overland to Railheads etc., usually by horse.

Station Property = Either Sheep, or Cattle Properties, often well over 100,000 acres.

Ghoul = Used for purpose of Rhyme. Bunyips eat you right then and there. LOL.

The Bunyip!

In America, there is the Hairy Bigfoot! In Tibet, the Abominable Snowman rules!

In Australia we have the Bunyip! The most terrible of mythical Ghouls!

While it normally craves the flesh from the dead. Especially when they’re rotten!

It will happily tear you apart alive! A point never to be forgotten!

At night it’s favourite hunting ground is usually near an overgrown Billabong.

With teeth all dripping saliva, it waits. Singing its weird and enchanting song.

All of the Bushmen know, that the Bunyip lurks around near water at night.

And when its weird song draws you in. If you see it, you then die of fright!

The Drover would have filled his water bags up, earlier during the day.

Because after the sun goes down at night. It’s just not the place to stay!

Always you’ll find the Drover’s camp, is set up quite a good distance out.

Because if they see a Bunyip around, it gives them plenty of time to shout!

It’s reputed to stand ten foot tall! Its skin covered in spots of purple and green!

It has a head like a rabid Dinosaur! It’s the strangest creature that’s ever been!

The weird songs that it sings, are like nothing that you have ever heard.

It’s a sort of a cross between moans and groans and the whistling of a bird!

It’s favourite food is New Chums, but if it has to it will eat quite a few sheep!

To have one on a Station Property, can make the strongest of Owners weep!

Sometimes there is a call to arms. "Come men! Let’s hunt that damn Bunyip down!"

But there never is any Takers, and the Owners are left with a curse and a frown!

Of course all the Bushmen try to do the right thing and warn all those that are new.

But often the New Chum thinks it’s just a joke, that the Bushmen are playing on you.

So if you ever happen to come to Australia and you decide to camp out at night.

Don’t camp out near a Billabong! Or you could end up dying of fright!

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Poetry: The Bunyip!
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