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 Poetry: She's gone and left me!

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PostSubject: Poetry: She's gone and left me!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:35 am

She’s gone and left me!

"Well! What’ll be your Poison?" The Bartender genially asked.

In the background came a ‘Whooosh! as another keg was casked!

I ordered a double Whisky! I wanted to get pissed really fast!

It was to try to drown my sorrows over a love that didn’t last!

A few double Whiskeys and I hoped the pain would drift away.

Blocking out the heartache from the news I’d received that day.

My SweetHeart had sent me a letter. A ‘Dear John’ one, at that.

She wrote she had a ‘New Lover’ and they had moved together into a Flat.

What had made this shocking news even harder for me to take

I was over ten thousand miles away. Gold Mining for our Stake.

The idea was. If I was successful we were going to buy us a home.

I could then settle down into a normal job and never need more to roam.

I had been working really hard for us. Seven days a week

Swinging a pick into solid rock for the fortune we did seek.

Yes. She said she’d be true to me. To alleviate any of my fears

Instead she’s kicked me in the guts and filled my eyes with tears.

"Come on Bartender! Fill my glass up at least several times more."

I want to be so pissed, I wont even feel it when I finally hit the floor.

"You can throw me out with the garbage when I’ve spent all my dough.

But promise not to try to wake me up! I just don’t want to know!"

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Poetry: She's gone and left me!
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