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 Poetry: Outback Cricket

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Poetry: Outback Cricket  Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: Outback Cricket    Poetry: Outback Cricket  I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 3:33 am

Outback Cricket!

The Batsman in front of his wicket stands.
The Pitch in the middle of a red and dusty road.
They’ve set up just in front of the Grande Hotel.
With the Drinkers watching on, all ready to goad.
The Bowler stands at the other end at stumps.
Staring down the Batsman, some 22 yards away.
His hopes that his very next fast ball bowled.
Will knock this cocky Batsman right out of the fray.
The Bowler walks back to his small grooved mark.
Then starts his very long run up with a glowering fix.
The hard ball flies fast out of his right hand.
But, the Batsman’s ready, and sends it for six!
The Drinkers close by, raise their glasses and shout!
“Good on Yer’! That was a bloody good one mate!”
Then they cast suggestive aspersions on the Bowler.
Hoping for the sake of fun, he’ll take up the bait.
The Bowler is used to this and just turns his head.
And then gets himself all psyched up for another try.
He gives the Batsman one of his hard shrivelling looks.
That if voiced loud would mean, “You’re gonna’ die!”
But none of this is really serious competition.
Although they love giving each other a really insulting push.
It’s just another of the Local’s, Saturday ‘arvos.
Playing “Outback Cricket”, in the Australian Bush.

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Poetry: Outback Cricket
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