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 Poetry. The 21st Century!

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Poetry. The 21st Century! Empty
PostSubject: Poetry. The 21st Century!   Poetry. The 21st Century! I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2012 7:30 am

The 21st Century

The years 2000 and on, just what will they bring?

Will it be cries full of joy, or of anguish we sing?

Will robots advance, to where man has no use?

Will they answer us back, and hand out abuse?

Will super computers, become even more smart?

Duplicating our senses, but without any heart?

Will the Genetic Scientists, with their gene changing gall?

Finally invent the monstrosity that will kill us all?

Will battle technology, get so out of hand?

That they can find you and kill you anywhere in the land?

Will the Worlds Super-powers, finally see the good light?

Or will they argue and bicker and still want to fight?

Will some maniac Dictator, bring the World into strife?

Triggering nuclear explosions and the end of all life?

I hope what I’m saying, none of it ever comes true?

That in this New Century there’s a bright future for you?

But, the truth of the matter, the only logic that pays.

Is to put in the effort, to help change the World’s ways!

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Poetry. The 21st Century!
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