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 Poetry: Skid Row Blues!

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PostSubject: Poetry: Skid Row Blues!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:01 am

Skid Row Blues!

It’s a really freezing cold night, absolutely teeming down hard with rain.

For some it’ll be joy for their gardens, for me it means arthritic pain.

Some love the flashes of bright lightning, followed by the noise of thunder!

For me it means the Carton I live in, will get all soggy and split asunder!

I love the smell of the rain though as it purifies this close stinking air.

But if the newspapers I use for a blanket dissolve it’ll leave me then completely bare.

Then once the water builds right up and starts to run all over the ground.

I’ll have to squat here drenched to the skin, no dry spots are there to be found.

The only thing I got to look forward to on a really freezing wet windy night like this.

Is when the Salvos bring hot soup around, it gives me a just few minutes of warm bliss.

O.K. your probably asking yourself. Just how it is that I am here in this place.

With raggedy clothes, stinking bad and with long hair and a beard on my face.

Well it isn’t any tragedy that struck like a business failed and I went broke.

The truth is the Misses threw me out, then she found a far, far better bloke.

Don’t start blaming her, its not her fault, or her cold heartedness, you see.

I had played around with another younger woman, so the fault only lies with me.

I didn’t even think of the kids, or even what it might have done to them at all.

I was only interested in getting my rocks right off, drinking and having a ball.

My Misses cried her heart out and pleaded with me to come to my senses.

But no, I wanted to be a dirty old Tom Cat, jumping hornily across the fences

Well I’m really paying now for all those selfish mistakes, this I want you to know.

For I lost a loving Woman and beautiful Kids and ended up right here on skid row.

Living like this with a continual hacking cough I know for me will bring certain death.

I no longer care, but I would like them to know. "Sorry", was on my last breath!

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Poetry: Skid Row Blues!
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