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 Poetry: So Terribly Disappointed!

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PostSubject: Poetry: So Terribly Disappointed!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:58 am

So Terribly Disappointed!

What an unsuspecting fool I was when I came into your life.

I can see now I was just a stupid Garbage Can.

To be filled up with all your strife!

Yes sure. I listened intently. Not wanting to miss a single word.

I was too deeply concerned with your problems.

So nothing you said ever went unheard.

I always did my very best then to allay your fears and woes.

Even if it took hours away from my own busy life.

Yes. I’ve been a stupid Nerd! I suppose?

When you told me that you were so lonely and probably better off dead!

I said, "Hey! You’ve now got a really good friend in me!"

And I really meant every word I said!

Then when it was your turn to show appreciation to all those who cared.

You left me like some thrown out garbage.

As with others your love you shared!

I don’t wish you any harm or evil. Or your life to be again disjointed.

But. That you should treat the one who really cared this way.

Leaves me so terribly disappointed!

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Poetry: So Terribly Disappointed!
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