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 Poetry: The Perfume of You!

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PostSubject: Poetry: The Perfume of You!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:55 am

The Perfume of You!

The perfume of you lingers still.

It permeates everywhere throughout the air.

It brings back many memories.

Making me think that you’re still there.

It tells me so much about you.

Of your little secrets and your ways.

You always leave behind your scent.

And it lingers here for days and days.

I can smell you when I awaken.

I can smell you all throughout the days.

I can smell you even when I’m eating.

Your very intimate smell forever stays.

So I just wanted to tell you.

As I sit here writing at the midnight hour.

If you ever want to come to my place again.

Then you’ll need to take a, "Bloody Shower!"

Copyright Retribution


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Poetry: The Perfume of You!
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