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 Poetry: A Murderous Trade.

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PostSubject: Poetry: A Murderous Trade.   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:48 am

A Murderous Trade!

The slaughtering of the Great Whales makes my heart ache.

When they mourn for their Families and sing songs of grief.

And over their young they are just as loving and protective as us.

But the Japanese Whalers won’t give them relief!

They kill the Whales for Scientific Reasons so they say.

They need some two to three hundred a year to do this?

Their Scientists must be an awfully stupid dumb lot?

To think we don't realise that something’s amiss!

Oh we are really good people you’ll hear them cry out!

We believe in the rights of all intelligent living things!

But the hundreds of Whales we need for our studies.

We still slaughter no matter the grief that killing them brings!

In my opinion the Men and Woman who are involved in this.

Have lost their rights to be called part of the human race.

They are nothing but killers with blood on their hands!

And in sensitivity and humanity come well in last place!

I make no apology for stating what I feel about this.

Enough Scientific Studies have now been made.

That the Hunting of Whales is like the killing of People!

It’s nothing less than a "Murderous Trade!"

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Poetry: A Murderous Trade.
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