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 Poetry: Withered Love!

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Poetry: Withered Love! Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: Withered Love!   Poetry: Withered Love! I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2012 6:45 am

Withered Love!

It hurts me so when I look into your eyes.

And see that your love has withered and died.

I’ve gone back mentally all over all the years.

And I can’t find a good reason, although I’ve tried.

Have I done something hurtful, or painful to you?

It has to be something of which I’m just not aware.

And if I were to try to make everything right again.

Is it too late now, for you to bother, or care?

This can’t be the way it is meant to be.

Where once lovers and friends lived in bliss.

Where we shared laughter, childbirth, pain and joy.

To end up so miserable and living like this!

I’ve never looked upon you as captive of mine.

Some beautiful creature that I cage to make stay.

I’ve always held you in the open palm of my hand.

And you’ve always been free, to just fly away.

I’ve loved you too much and I still do.

I can’t bear to see you so miserable and down.

Even when I try to make jokes and cheer you up.

You return my efforts with a rebuff and frown.

I’d much rather see you in another man’s arms.

Happy and laughing gaily like you used to be.

Than a woman just putting up with my presence.

Even though this would be so very painful to me!

I’m really all alone now till the end I guess.

And when that day finally comes for me to die.

I know there’ll be no real comfort in your arms.

And whatever you said, would just be a big lie.

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Poetry: Withered Love!
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