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 Poetry: The Sunset

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PostSubject: Poetry: The Sunset   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:43 am

The Sunset!

I want to wax lyrical when the Sunset is here.

Describe feelings for such richness of sight.

But how does one do justice to such an optical marvel?

What words do I use to get it just right?

Each evening a different panoramic scene can appear.

Just as wonderfully glorious as the evening just past.

But totally different in it’s rich colours and tones.

And it lives only for minutes, it just doesn’t last.

To fully describe how these colours and hues.

Born into life, burst radiant, then fade away.

Changing tints and pastels as quick as they do.

Takes writing in seconds that should take a day.

Perhaps in this instance this is God’s plan?

To show man that he cannot equal these sights.

His intellect is just not well enough endowed.

To describe it any way fully, whatever he writes!

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Poetry: The Sunset
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