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 Poetry: A visit to Australia

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PostSubject: Poetry: A visit to Australia   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:33 am

A Visit To Australia

You can’t yet believe it’s true, but you really are here at last.

Finally at the Red Center of Australia, a country huge and vast.

Where hot red desert earth, contrasts with a deep blue/violet sky.

A place, if your not careful with precious water, then you will surely die!

Some trees do grow here called Mulga, in amongst the salt bush plants.

Most that grow form desert islands, the home to big Bull-Ants.

In this desert type of country, even as harsh as it might sound.

There are very many insects, and many animals can be found.

Now I’m going to go exploring, you can come along with me, too

Look! There’s a Bearded Dragon, and there, a big Red Roo!

Did you see that Emu, it can run as fast as any car.

And listen to the those Cockatoos, you can hear them from afar.

Perhaps we’ll see a Wombat, climb out carefully from it’s hole?

Or sight a Bung-arra Goanna, hanging from a bole?

Hey look! What’s that cloud, of weaving flashing green?

My God! It is thousands of Wild Budgerigars, that we have all just seen?

If we tread so lightly, shush don’t let’s make too much noise.

Then we just might come across a Dingo, standing in a famous poise.

We’ll have to be careful though on just where we tread.

Or we could get bitten by a Taipan and most likely end up dead!

While lots of Aussie animals are as cute and cuddly as can be.

Be Warned! Just as many nasty creatures could be hiding behind a tree.

We have some spiders, that are among the deadliest that are known.

And if our Blue/Green Centipede ever bites you, you’ll know what it is to moan!

There are more deadly Snakes in Australia than there are in any other land!

And Blue Ringed Octopuses that kill in seconds, if they bite you on the hand!

There is also a Box Jelly Fish, a floating menace of the deep.

If it happens to drift into you, you’ll sleep the endless sleep.

There are even pretty cone shells that hide a deadly sting.

And the blasted rotten Bush Flies, all continuously on the wing.

Well, I think its just about time for a cuppa, we’ll explore again, you’ll see.

We’ll go other places in Australia and I’ll take you along with me.

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Poetry: A visit to Australia
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