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 Getting more for your Dollar!

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PostSubject: Getting more for your Dollar!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:29 am

Getting More For Your Dollar!

Have you ever gone for a ride on the old Ghost Train?

The type usually set up in a darkened Tent at the Shows.

Where you ride in a little open carriage on a railway track.

And screaming Ghosts jump out at you as around it goes!

This was one of my favourite rides at the Show to enjoy.

I loved the noisy darkness and the absolute thrill of a Fright!

And while it was still pretty convincing during the daytime.

It all seemed even much more thrilling and scary at night!

Of course I will never again go for a ride on these Trains.

Not after a shocking experience that happened one night!

When, after my carriage pushed through a doorway.

I was suddenly confronted with the most terrible sight!

It was if my little carriage had gone through a door into hell!

There were demons on fire that were consuming the dead!

And on a fiery throne the Devil was hysterically laughing!

Then he looked directly at me and this is what he said.

"Because you really enjoy riding on the Ghost train.

I thought I would treat you to a really good fright!

Is this little scene of Hell scary enough for you?

Or would you like me to conjure an even worse sight!"

I was instantly horrified from such a sickening scene.

Frightened out of my wits from what the Devil had said.

I vowed instantly if I was lucky enough to get out of there alive.

I would never again ride the Ghost Train till the day I was dead!

It seemed an eternity for my little carriage to move on.

Then suddenly I found myself outside once more in the light.

I cursed my absolute stupidity for liking the Ghost Trains.

And more so the fact, that I’d actually paid to get such a fright!

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Getting more for your Dollar!
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