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 Poetry: The Chocolate Wheel of fickle Fate!

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PostSubject: Poetry: The Chocolate Wheel of fickle Fate!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:25 am

The Chocolate Wheel Of Fickle Fate!

There’s a great big Chocolate Wheel up there in the Heavenly Sky.

And when it’s spun, if it stops on your name, well, it’s time for you to die!

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, or if you’re very very poor.

Or in life how good, or bad you’ve been, because you’ll be, no more!

This great Wheel Of Fickle Fate is spun every second of every hour.

And when the "Spinner", calls out your name, there is no place to cower!

Heavy praying can sometimes make, the Wheel go on to another’s name.

But the day you’re really meant to go, the result will be just the same!

It really is a devious thing this great Chocolate Wheel of Fickle Fate.

It never needs any oil, or maintenance, and it never does run late!

Everyone’s name is entered on this Wheel, whether we like it or not.

Even the names of Royalty are there as well as the lowest Sot!

So you just have to hope that your name does not come up for awhile.

That you still have plenty of time left to be able to enjoy your life with a smile!

And the last thing you ever want to hear is that you have become a Winner.

When the result on the great big Chocolate Wheel is announced by the "Spinner!"

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Poetry: The Chocolate Wheel of fickle Fate!
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