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 Poetry: The Creator's plan!

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PostSubject: Poetry: The Creator's plan!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:23 am

The Creator’s Plan!

When the Creator made the World and finally on it put Man.

I wonder if World Wide Conflict was part of his overall plan?

Was this a kind of twisted fate that was planned for you and me?

That eventually we’d all kill ourselves while he laughs out loud in glee!

Questions like this remain unanswered from such a Powerful Force.

Is this hatred towards each other, part and parcel of the course?

Are we nothing, but some kind of Toys that with us he can play?

Like setting up his Tin Soldiers to see just what we’ll do today!

Why in the first place make Men of different colour and creed?

Was the plan to cause Racist Hate, or for sowing of the seed?

Was the differences between us purposely so instilled?

Knowing these differences would cause somebody to be killed!

OK, you can say it is really all up to us to live together in harmony.

That all Men are our Brothers even those different across the sea.

But unfortunately, the differences he made are just far too great.

And even in just wanting to praise the Creator has led to Religious hate!

The Creator that you think you know may have a different face?

Nothing like the Kindly Fellow shown in Paintings about the place!

We all have thoughts on what our Creator’s likeness should be?

But we’ll just have to wait till we finally die before we really see!

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Poetry: The Creator's plan!
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