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 Poetry: Lonely Christmas

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PostSubject: Poetry: Lonely Christmas   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:20 am

Lonely Christmas!

In a rat infested, derelict building, an old man sat depressed and all alone.

Around him a few meagre possessions. An old broken chair his throne.

It was bitterly cold this time of year, as it always was on Christmas Eve.

His eyes and nose watered freely and he wiped at them with a dirty sleeve.

He pulled his threadbare blanket up, trying to cover his old skinny frame.

But it made little to no difference, he was still freezing just the same.

This might be his very last Christmas, if this freezing weather stayed.

He’d probably die of Pneumonia, it was the price the Homeless paid.

For him there’d be no Turkey, no roasting marshmallows by the fire.

No joyous laughter ringing out, no presents to fill his heart’s desire.

No good long time friends, to shake his hand in Seasons Greeting.

Even his memories of such things were now only very fleeting.

There are many Homeless around our Cities like this very old lonely man.

And at this time of year at least, you should go and help them if you can.

Call around the derelict buildings and you’ll see for yourself the sight.

Of Homeless people starving, and trying to just make it through the night.

If you haven’t got the time, then give money or blankets to those who’ll call.

Like give what you can to the Salvation Army, that Mob’s really on the ball.

These are the Men and Women, that through those derelict buildings tread.

And if it wasn’t for their selflessness there’d be many more Homeless dead!

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Poetry: Lonely Christmas
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