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 Poetry: I gotta' System!

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PostSubject: Poetry: I gotta' System!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:16 am

I Gotta' System!

I’m in a bit of a dilemma. It’s to do with Horse Racing selections.

I pick the Winner of every race, but I’m still not getting collections?

I have a points system so good, that using it could be termed a sin.

It clearly shows just which of the horses are definitely going to win!

The problem is, it always selects three horses, and there in is the trouble.

It’s foolproof in matching three with three and always getting the Double!

But, what the double pays, doesn’t cover my bets for a win on the three.

I always get the Winner, but the payouts never cover the costs you see!

Now if I bet on just one for a Win, you can guarantee it will come a place.

And out of the other two selections not bet on, is the Winner of the Race!

So knowing that, I’ll cover all three horses, along with the daily Double.

And sure, I get the Winners every time, but I’m still losing, that’s the trouble!

Now if I could just work out a way that would instead put me well in front.

I could take the gamble to really bet big and to take a guaranteed punt!

But trying so hard to narrow my system down to selecting only one horse.

Is proving almost an impossible task, as you’ve probably guessed, of course.

If it were possible, it probably would have already been invented by now.

But I can’t help trying to figure it out and trying to get to the answer somehow?

Perhaps it is as simple, as the colour of the jockey’s socks, or maybe their hair?

I’ll keep on trying to find the bloody answer. I just know it’s there somewhere?

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Poetry: I gotta' System!
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