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 Poetry: Please spare a thought this Christmas

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PostSubject: Poetry: Please spare a thought this Christmas   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:05 am

Please Spare A Thought This Christmas!

The night? Very dark, cold and stormy!

The wind? Howling like mad Banshee’s Screams!

Where and when? Christmas Eve in Afghanistan!

The People? Serving Members of our S.A.S Teams!

Please spare a thought this Christmas Eve.

For our S.A.S. Boys that still serve over there.

Their Christmas Eve spent inside a very cold cave.

On mountainous ground, so very rocky and bare!

They will be thinking of you this Christmas.

Wishing they were back home by your side.

Really wanting to join in with the Family fun.

As you all celebrate, the Joys of Yuletide.

They will be praying that they’ll see you again.

That hopefully there will come the day.

When all of them will be able to come home.

And from such a Hellhole, they’ll be, far away!

It is very easy to forget that our Boys are there.

When around you life goes on just as before.

When you’re all having such fun at Christmas.

Waiting on Santa to knock on your door!

So please spare that thought this Christmas Eve.

And say a prayer for our Boys over there.

Or, send them a facsimile Christmas greeting.

Letting them know, that at home, we do care!

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Poetry: Please spare a thought this Christmas
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