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 Poetry: How a Knight lost his head!

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PostSubject: Poetry: How a Knight lost his head!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:02 am

How A Knight Lost His Head!

Oh! Our great King! The Emperor of all the seas, sky and land.

I come on bended knee to ask humbly for thy Daughter’s hand.

My Estates I unreservedly offer and my considerable treasures of gold.

Please accept my very earnest entreaties, which I admit are little bold.

Oh! Your Majesty! The granting of your Daughters hand to me.

Will make me the very happiest of Knights that you’ll ever see.

I will go out all around our Lands and shout the Bans for all to hear.

Celebrating throughout the Kingdom and bringing much good cheer.

Tis true. I’m not the most handsome of Knights in your Knightly stable.

There are far more handsome Knights that grace the big Round Table.

But, I beseech thee, to overlook the physical deformities of my Being.

And instead, don’t look at me, but the considerable wealth you’re seeing.

Every single night, Majesty! I dream of having your Daughter’s hand.

There is no fairer one that I know of, to be seen or had in all the Land.

Tis a great honour that you will be affording this very humble Knight.

Your Majesty! By granting Her hand, you’ll cure this Knight’s plight!

If the thought of losing one you love is a thought very painful to you.

Don’t worry your Majesty You can give, but still have your Daughter too.

I will offer you a buy-back deal, the very best deal ever in the Land.

Your Highness! I don’t want your ugly Daughter, I just want her Hand!

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Poetry: How a Knight lost his head!
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