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 Poetry: So you want to go to heaven?

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PostSubject: Poetry: So you want to go to heaven?   Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:58 am

So, You Want To Go To Heaven?

Just where do you think you’ll go, when you finally "Croak It!", and die?

Don’t tell me! Let me guess! You’re hoping for, "Heaven on high!"

Well my Friend I got some news for you that will be a more likely fact.

That you’re gonna’ keep coming right back here till you learn how to act!

Heaven is a wonderful place, but Death doesn’t give you right to just enter in.

To get into Heaven you’ve got to have been really good, entirely free of Sin.

Can you honestly say you’ve never Sinned? Never caused others strife?

Come on be perfectly honest about it! You’ve been a Sinner all your life!

But, you needn’t worry about going to Hell! Because there isn’t such a place.

Bet that news gave you some relief and put a little smile back on your face.

No, here on Earth, is the only Hell that was ever meant for you and me.

With Greed and Selfishness its two main Gods and a Devil you cannot see!

It was all designed this way to make it extra hard to pass the Sinner’s test.

And the truth is, you’re never gonna’ pass, unless you try your very best.

The Temptations are there to Sin from the moment you and I exist.

And you’re gonna’ be very very lucky if Sin aimed at you has missed!

The reason it’s been made so hard for you and I to dodge this cunning Sin.

Is because of the high waiting list for Heaven of those wanting to get in.

Most Souls will be born again to give them another chance to try.

Maybe with a bit of luck next time, they’ll go to Heaven when they die?

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Poetry: So you want to go to heaven?
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