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 Poetry: On The Front Line!

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PostSubject: Poetry: On The Front Line!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:56 am

On The Front Line!

The Warning came through the radio in a sharp crackling sound.

"A Code Yellow Alert!" As Chemical Warheads fell all around!

Soldiers grabbed for Protective Gear that was normally close-by.

Knowing that they only had seconds, or they surely would die!

Some that were only fifty meters away were just moments too late.

A terrible screaming and writhing nerve death, became their fate!

Orders then crackled for this SAS Unit to proceed on to the East.

In the endeavours of disarming the Dictator, nick-named, "The Beast!"

Then twenty kilometers away the sky lit up with a very bright light!

The white flash of a Nuclear Explosion turning the day into night!

Thousands of Men were instantly vaporised right on the Front Line!

The Beast’s Soldiers martyred amongst them in a well planned design!

Orders again crackled for all SAS Units alive to immediately dig in.

A different War would be fought now the Beast had committed this Sin!

Within minutes, hundreds of Missiles screamed loud through the sky!

And from the numerous Nuclear Explosions many millions would die!

The dead Beast would be amongst those that were innocent of any crime.

Those innocent had paid now with their lives for not listening in time.

Now, if they don’t want the terrible contents of my Poem to come true.

Getting rid of this maniac, "The Beast!" Is the only right thing to do!

Copyright Retribution

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Poetry: On The Front Line!
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