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 Poetry: Reminiscing

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PostSubject: Poetry: Reminiscing   Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:47 am


The old woman rocked back and forth on an old rocking chair.

A verandah lantern reflecting its light on her long snow white hair.

Her eyes sightless in the half darkness as she reminisced her past life.

Like the wonderful moment her lover asked her to become his wife.

Of the beautiful Children they had reared together with so much joy.

How they had three beautiful daughters first and then finally a boy.

A sob came to her throat then as she reflected back to those days.

Remembering her dead husband, and children finally going their ways.

She stared hard into the darkness as she saw again their happy faces.

Now they all had children of their own and lived in their own far off places.

The house was empty now of the happy laughter once vibrating within.

She would give all she possessed to once again hear that childish din.

Now all she had to look forwards to was odd visits when the children came.

Fetching with them her darling Grandchildren, but it was not quite the same.

While it was joyous while they were there, they would then finally go home.

And the terrible loneliness would creep in on finding herself again all alone.

As she rocked back and forth she suddenly felt strangely out of breath.

It was a sensation that with sudden shock she knew meant her death!

Then her long dead parents and husband suddenly appeared at her side.

And with loving greetings gently told her that she had just died.

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Poetry: Reminiscing
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