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 Poetry: I'm just a Mule!

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Poetry: I'm just a Mule! Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: I'm just a Mule!   Poetry: I'm just a Mule! I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2012 5:38 am

I’m just a Mule!

Just when will you finally realise, that I feel deep hurt just like you do?

When you’ve felt heartbroken, know that I’ve felt heartbreak too!

When I’m feeling sick at heart, it’s no lesser pain to how you feel.

So why do you think your pain is worst, or much, much greater still?

Use your imagination, realise, when you might unfortunately break a leg.

My previous broken legs hurt just as much, yet, more sympathy do you beg!

If I say I’m not feeling well, to you, it’s just some kind of weak excuse.

You just leave me laying there in bed, with no care or sympathy, just abuse!

It seems you’re never prepared to suffer, any of life’s pains or heavy loads.

You always want me to carry you on my back, travelling down those roads.

You never consider, that I might feel totally worn out and really need a rest.

Instead you load more and more weight on me, in some cruel kind of test!

What you have to realise is, that I’m not going to be around for evermore.

In fact all this extra weight I’ve had to carry, has made my health so very poor.

Perhaps it’s time for you to keep a loaded gun close and very handy to the bed.

Then when I finally collapse from all your loads, you can shoot me in the head!

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Poetry: I'm just a Mule!
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