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 Poetry The Old Scarecrow!

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PostSubject: Poetry The Old Scarecrow!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:30 am

The Old Scarecrow!

The old Scarecrow stands alone out in the weather.

Now all scraggly and in very urgent need of repair.

And considering it had never ever shirked its duty.

I’m surprised that no one bothers or seems to care.

There’s no new hat replacing that now shredded.

No new arms or legs filled with refreshed straw.

Even though this Scarecrow is an inanimate object.

It now looks one of the saddest things I ever saw.

Even the birds and crows now sit on it mocking.

Two legs that dangled are now a single wooden stake.

The coat and shirt once proudly worn is in tatters.

And as far as a working Scarecrow, its now a fake.

A much closer look showed this Scarecrow’s sorrow.

That it’s been abandoned and left to rot and fall apart.

Because when I looked at its face much more closely.

I could see the tear stains from a broken heart.

I can’t wear this Scarecrow like this and will return during the night.

I will give it fresh arms and legs, a new hat to make it just right.

The Owners will feel guilty and I hope it will be a very big surprise.

To see once again a proud Scarecrow, with the joy back in its eyes.

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Poetry The Old Scarecrow!
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