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 Poetry: I Love You

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Poetry: I Love You Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: I Love You   Poetry: I Love You I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 4:11 am


We’re here today and gone tomorrow. So act now before it’s just too late.
Tell friends and family that you love them and try to rid yourself of hate.
Don’t leave yourself with deep regrets for words you should have spoken.
It’s just too late when they die, leaving their’s and your heart broken.

Life is far too short to leave, what should have been said, left unsaid.
So right now today, say “I love you”, do this, before you go to bed.
You will feel so much better for it, that you have finally cleaned the slate.
You’ll find sleep comes much more easy when your heart is clear of hate.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rejected, your words maybe falling on deaf ears.
In your heart there will be peace, their hatred, will no longer cause you tears.
Whilst grief will be natural if your friends, or family members pass away.
There’ll be no terrible anguish suffered for not telling them before that day.

Hatred can only be cured by forgiving those that from cause you really hate.
Don’t let your own life become bitter and twisted, forgive, before it’s too late.
Free yourself of that terrible torment, and for your own sake do it right now too.
Make the effort to say these three words to friends and family, “I love you!”

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Poetry: I Love You
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