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 Poetry: Christmas In Australia

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PostSubject: Poetry: Christmas In Australia   Poetry: Christmas In Australia I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 4:01 am

Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia, it is very different. Did you know?
We don’t have any Reindeers and here it doesn’t snow.
Christmas in Australia is the most hottest time of year.
Our Christmas dinner is often Crayfish, washed down with a Beer.
Our Christmas trees are not, the winter green spruce that you see.
Instead, we use a sapling, or the branch of an old gum tree.
We still decorate this cutting, with coloured balls and other shiny things,
and on the very top an angel, you know, the plastic one with wings.
Around the tree’s base, many colourful wrapped presents will there be.
Usually, it’s one for him, and one for her, and hopefully one for me?
Sometimes, when it’s Christmas and we’re stuck way out in the wild.
We still celebrate it’s Christmas, and the birth of the Holy Child.
At these times, we decorate a Mulga, or perhaps a small Blackbutt tree.
The wild Bush Creatures all come to watch, they actually want to see.
Of course they don’t know what is happening, they just watch in total awe.
Wondering if they’re hallucinating, or they can believe what it is they saw?
They know they are in no danger. They don’t shy, or make a fuss.
And when we sit down to Christmas Dinner, they come up very close to us.
This is probably the very closest, to these wild animals, that you will ever be.
It’s the way God really meant it, and at these times, it’s very plain to see.
But, wherever you are in this World, and on this very special day.
You can still celebrate the Birth of Christ, in your own very special way.

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Poetry: Christmas In Australia
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