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 Poetry: Hey I'm Looking for a Lover

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Poetry: Hey I'm Looking for a Lover Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: Hey I'm Looking for a Lover   Poetry: Hey I'm Looking for a Lover I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 3:57 am

Hey! I’m Looking For A Lover!

Hey! I’m looking for a real lover.
Do you think you can fit the Bill?
Just don’t bother me in applying.
If you’re dysfunctional, or over the hill!

Can you get yourself really sexually aroused?
Five to ten times a day at least?
What I’m really looking for.
Is a really horny sexual beast!

I’ve got the absolute perfect body.
It’s a curvaceous dream for any Man.
I’m here waiting, breathing hard.
Come on and take me if you can!

If a minute is all that you can give me.
If you get puffed extremely quick.
You’ll really cop it in the ear from me.
Because such weaklings make me sick!

So do you think you can measure up?
Hey! You better be sure that you can!
Because I’m very dangerous with a knife!
You’ll fool no other woman, as a Man!

Hey! I’ll give you some idea what’s wanted.
A name perhaps that I’ll just let slip.
The only one that left me fully exhausted.
Was a creature by the name of, Bunyip!

(Bunyip aka Retribution)

Copyright Retribution


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Poetry: Hey I'm Looking for a Lover
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