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 Poetry: An Older Man's Love

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PostSubject: Poetry: An Older Man's Love   Poetry: An Older Man's Love I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 3:45 am

An Older Man’s Love!

Is it possible for an older man to still find real love?
When fate cruelly has left him on earth all alone!
Or, is it just another of those unwritten laws?
That the only love he’ll find, is in the Red Light Zone!
Of course he knows well that his chances are small.
He just can’t compete with a younger man’s plays.
He’s losing his hair and getting pretty long in the tooth.
And he knows that his body has seen much better days.
But even if now he has lost most of his looks.
And he doesn’t rate anyone’s small second glance.
His heart is still young enough to want to be in love.
He just needs that special someone that will give him a chance.
What frightens him most in this weary hunt for love.
What really scares him and takes all of his nerve.
Is when he finally finds the courage to approach someone.
He fears it will cut him to pieces, if they call him, “A Perv’!”
As supposed enlightened human beings we really are fickle.
We see only the beauty that’s on the outside of a face.
Then we compete like mad to try to get that person onside.
And those that are over fifty are just not in the race!
Well let me tell you a few things that might change your mind.
Might make you more inclined to look at an older man.
You’ll find he’ll treat you like a Goddess, not as a sex slave!
And he’ll always be there for you, and whenever he can.
He’ll shower you with roses and give you all of his heart.
And he’ll protect you from harm and the sly young man’s glance.
And you can be sure he’s not “Tom Catting”, all over the place.
So girls, get a little bit smarter and give the older man a chance!

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Poetry: An Older Man's Love
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