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 Poetry: Writer's Block

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Poetry: Writer's Block Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: Writer's Block   Poetry: Writer's Block I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 3:22 am

Writer’s Block!

I sit here frustrated, that poetic verse will just not flow from my mind.
No matter what I think of, there are no poetic words of any kind!
I have what is commonly called “Writers Block”, you see.
You’ve said, it often happens to you! Now it’s happened to me!

Perhaps my days as a Poet, are at last, finally coming to a close?
Perhaps I’m just all written out. No more poetic creativity, I suppose?
I feel a terrible loss, like as if I will never see a good friend no more.
Maybe it’s time I scratched off, “Poet Within” from my office door?

Wait! There are some words beginning to form. Perhaps there’s still hope?
No! The damn things have gone again. I’m finding it really hard to cope!
Perhaps if I went for a walk something may stir in my sad poetic soul?
There are men outside with Jackhammer's. Hey! Maybe a poem about a hole?

No it’s no use. The hole is just is a hole, and just doesn’t want to speak to me.
There probably is something about it poetically, but just what I cannot see?
O.K. Forget the hole and walk some more. Maybe something good will be sent?
Oh no! Just when I’m looking for inspiration. There’s a Traffic Accident!

Not exactly the type of scene that I was really hoping to see right now.
And I’m getting pretty tired from walking and wiping the sweat from my brow.
I’m gonna’ have to give up, because there seems nothing from which to borrow.
I’ll just have to go home and try to sleep on it, and perhaps, I’ll try again tomorrow.

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Poetry: Writer's Block
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