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 Poetry: Stay Well Away.

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PostSubject: Poetry: Stay Well Away.   Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:12 am

Stay Well Away!

Young Love while beautiful at times brings pain.
When a wrong word said.
Can bring tears like rain.

Young Lover’s lives are just like this.
One minute sorrow.
Then romantic bliss.

Young Lovers often seem to tease.
Looking for that assurance.
That they still please.

Young Lovers playing out this game.
Wait for one to relent.
And take the blame.

Then when the Young Lovers tiff is done.
They kiss and cuddle.
And join as one.

This seems to be the Young Lovers way.
So if you can’t stand pain.
I’d stay well away.

Copyright Retribution


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Poetry: Stay Well Away.
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