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 Poetry; The Visitor is Death!

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Poetry; The Visitor is Death! Empty
PostSubject: Poetry; The Visitor is Death!   Poetry; The Visitor is Death! I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 3:08 am

The Visitor Is Death!

The lonely old lady had dressed purposefully in her very best frock.
And placed her favourite jewelled comb in a bun of white hair.
She then waited patiently for the hooded figure of Death to call.
While she swayed backwards and forwards in an old rocking chair.

She suddenly strained forwards a little as she heard a faint sound.
Then just outside her white picket fence a Black Image floated down.
Was this the expected Visitor that had taken her a full lifetime to see.
She now prayed earnestly and sincerely that Death it would be.

She heard the latch on the gate open as the black figure entered within.
Her prayers became more loud now asking God to cleanse her of Sin.
Then the Black Figure walked up the steps and came near to her side.
The old lady felt fear, but from Death she no longer wanted to hide.

There was a sudden whoosh as a razor sharp scythe sliced through her heart.
It was so quick there had been little to no pain as her life did depart.
Now a Spirit, she then left her empty body on the old rocking chair.
And went and joined with Death on the first steps of a Heavenly Stair.

She could see right at the top of those Stairs there was a very bright light.
And Angels flew about with gold trumpets, it was such a wonderful sight.
Near the top of the stairs waiting for her were her long dead Loved Ones.
There were her Mother, Father and Husband as well as her two Infant Sons.

They would now all be together in Heaven under God’s good grace.
And the lonely old woman now had a wonderful smile again on her face.
So don’t be afraid when it’s your turn for Death to come calling.
Unless you’re a Terrorist or Murderer! Then into Hell you’ll be falling!

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Poetry; The Visitor is Death!
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