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 Poetry: Complicated Love

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Poetry: Complicated Love Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: Complicated Love   Poetry: Complicated Love I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 2:46 am

Complicated Love!

There are times when complicated love sometimes comes into our life.
You know if you accept it there will be nothing, but absolute strife!
It’s not as if this love is very unwanted, or in any way really bad.
But if it is accepted, you know you’ll lose all the pure love you had!

It will cause a lot of undeserved misery and heart renting pain.
Causing painful stress for another for the sake of being vain!
You may not have ever planned for such a powerful love to come by.
But suddenly it’s there like a sparkling diamond that fell from the sky!

Common sense and responsibility doesn’t always seem to work.
You fall for its powerful spell, still telling yourself you’re a Jerk!
You know your life long partner deserves so much more than this.
She has given you children and tried hard to make your life bliss!

Your mind is in turmoil over this unexpected love’s magnetic power.
It makes it so hard to think straight, even for a second, let alone an hour!
Then there is the worrying thought of giving this new love pain and grief.
You start to feel like a criminal, a “Stealer of Love”, kind of Thief!

Just how do you tell such beautiful innocence that this love just cannot be.
That there can be no future in these strong feelings for her, or for me!
It has to be done in a way that doesn’t cause too much hurt, or pain.
Just to think of her in misery causes my tears to fall like hot rain!

Neither of us planned for such a situation of instant love to arise.
It just happened like this, a completely unasked for surprise!
If your life is currently carefree, you should thank Heaven above.
That you haven’t had to suffer from such a “Complicated Love!”

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Poetry: Complicated Love
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