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 Poetry: Trapped by love.

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Poetry: Trapped by love. Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: Trapped by love.   Poetry: Trapped by love. I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 4:50 pm


Please! Don’t tell me that you love me!
When you know that isn’t true.
I would never cause you such hurt.
Or, be so terribly cruel to you.
Try at least to be honest with me.
If you don’t love me, well, that’s O.K.
But please, don’t have me on a string.
That you can pull in every way.
I know I’m only another Human.
But I do have feelings just the same.
Please, be a little more considerate.
Before playing out your lying game.
One’s heart is not a plaything.
That you can just break and throw away.
Or, after having had your selfish fun.
Just put it away for some other day.
Why is it that you do this?
What is the satisfaction that you gain?
Surely, no one could take pure pleasure.
In seeing me, in such wretched pain?
How can your heart be so hard?
In your veins there must be ice?
I try so hard just to please you.
But towards me, you’re not so nice!
I’m just a fool for staying with you.
If I had any sense I should run away.
But you know you have my heartstrings
Just one pull and you know I’ll stay!

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Poetry: Trapped by love.
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