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 Poetry: A different Man comes home!

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Poetry: A different Man comes home! Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: A different Man comes home!   Poetry: A different Man comes home! I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 4:41 pm

A Different Man Comes Home!

The 105mm Howitzer belches it’s projectile with a deafening hot fiery roar.
A High Explosive Shell, towards a designated target will now speedily soar.
Overhead comes a renting of the air with a loud screaming sound.
As the deadly cargo of Death flies towards Entrenched Men on the ground.

A sudden blinding flash and a tremendous explosion then shatters the still air.
Men become flying grotesque bloody puppets, some with scorched burning hair.
The sounds of pitiful screaming comes from those now injured and in terrible pain.
All surrounded by a yellow acrid smoke, and earth clumps that still fall like rain.

Before the Medics can tend to the wounded, or give morphine jabs for this pain.
The air fills with Banshees, as more invisible Death wings its way in again.
It becomes a scene from Hades with loud explosions of Hell-fire and Smoke.
There’s not a Man alive having this experience, that his Will has not broke.

Men in such situations often break down completely and shamelessly cry.
Its a mixture of frustrated anger and terrible fear of the Death from the sky.
There is nowhere to hide to get away from the deadly shells that the Howitzer sends.
At times like these. It’s every man for himself. You just can’t worry about friends.

Then finally after the shelling has stopped you crawl slowly from out of your hole.
Scenes of death and mutilation will stay forever cut very deeply into your soul.
From that moment on you’re a changed Man. And not one you’d normally choose.
No one will understand, there’s a totally different Man now who walks in your shoes.

The day that the Boeing 747 flies you and your Buddies back into your home port.
You know that your Family waits eagerly with the good Friends they have brought.
Everyone is happy, kissing and cuddling, all wanting to take you quickly back home.
But, painfully you realise, even in this big friendly crowd, you’re still so much alone!

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Poetry: A different Man comes home!
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