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 Poetry: Knightly Passions

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Poetry: Knightly Passions Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: Knightly Passions   Poetry: Knightly Passions I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 4:32 pm


Galloping through the green woods on my grand Knightly steed.
The motion of movement had brought up a hard sexual need!
I thought, ‘What I need now is a willing young Maiden Fair.’
Although it mattered little to me, the colour of her hair?
Then as luck had it. A Fair Young Maiden, I spied!
I leapt from my saddle and clanked up to her side.
“Are you in distress my beauty?” I hoped she’d say, “Yes!”
I could see a very voluptuous body was hidden under her dress.
“No! Thank you Sir Knight! I am just here resting awhile.”
Then she nearly cooked me in my armour with a real sexy smile!
My urge had grown bigger causing my sweat to become steam!
There were loud hissing noises as it escaped from a seam!
“Please Sir,” she then said. “Come! Sit here with me awhile.”
Then she gave out once more with her really sexy smile.
I didn’t need a second invite as I clanked to her side.
And it was only the armour that my strong urge did hide!
Always the gentleman. I would woo her gently and be very kind.
Then at the right time I’d tell her, just what it was on my mind!
I had flipped back my visor to try to give her a kiss.
But my helmet was too bulky and our lips would just miss!
Her breath had now become baited and she was just about right.
It was time now to show her what was on the mind of this Knight!
She answered, “Oh Sir Knight! With you I’m very impressed!
But we can’t do it while your in armour. You’ll have to get undressed!”
Excited! I quickly fumbled around in my armour to find the unlocking key.
But I just couldn’t find it? I wondered where the hell it could it be?
Then with sinking heart I remembered, that I had left it when I had got dressed
Now, this very willing Fair Young Maiden would be much less than impressed!
Both of us had built up our desire to be as hot as can be!
Only now to leave us both highly frustrated just because I didn’t have the key!
So the moral of this story? The really important Knightly lesson to heed?
Is, don’t leave home without a key, if you want to sow your Knightly seed!

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Poetry: Knightly Passions
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