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 Poetry: Gorilla Love.

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Poetry: Gorilla Love. Empty
PostSubject: Poetry: Gorilla Love.   Poetry: Gorilla Love. I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 4:06 pm

Gorilla Love!

Oh! My darling! How I wish to profess my very deep love to thee.
I’ve left a love message, of yellow/green snot hanging in your tree.
My heart pounds so when I see you swinging from branch to trunk.
I’m so giddy with my deep love, I feel as if I’m completely drunk.

Oh! My darling! I wish you could feel the pounding of my heart.
I feel the whole jungle is no longer green when we are far apart.
Take pity on this poor Gorilla and give me a moment of your time.
Better still, play with my gift of snot and say that you’ll be mine.

Together we can hang about from many leafy boughs of green.
And I will take you to parts of this jungle you have never seen.
We can even make a family of little Gorilla’s, one, two, and three.
If you will join me in the leafy love bed, I specially made for thee.

As you can see my darling, I’m the most handsome in these leaves.
All the other would-be-lovers are nothing, but leaf stealing thieves.
I promise I’ll protect you darling with all my strength and might.
And I’ll blow dribbling, snotty sweet nothings, in your ears all night.

So here I stand before you, professing my very deep love for you.
And hoping fate will be kind to me and that you will love me too.
Hark thou to me darling as I beat strongly against my hairy chest.
Please say that you’ll be mine and say, “bugger off” to all the rest!

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Poetry: Gorilla Love.
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