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 How to use this forum

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PostSubject: How to use this forum   Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:20 am

Hi Wink

The idea of Chain Poetry is whoever starts a poem with a new Topic writes the first line or verse and name of poem. Then the next member writes the second line or verse with a Reply and so on till poem ends.

The way to do this is to Copy and Paste into your Reply the lines or verses of previous Replies then add your own line or verse below it. This Chain Poetry is suited mainly for Rhyme.

Dependent on number of Members participating the original poster can come back in and post another line or verse and so on.

It's best if it is kept to no longer than say 48 lines or 12 x 4 line verses. Otherwise it can get a bit too long.

Just start a New topic for the next Chain Poem when first is finished.


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How to use this forum
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