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 Poetry: Spectres That Live In Bogs!

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PostSubject: Poetry: Spectres That Live In Bogs!   Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:34 am


Moonlight shafted like fingers through the rising mists of the tree lined bog.
In the distance came the frightening mournful howling of a savage Wolf-like dog.
In the bog, the water’s surface rippled when something disturbed its serenic calm.
Horrifyingly, a bony hand and knife appeared, followed slowly by a fleshless arm!

Then this Spectre’s terrifying grinning skull broke through the surface water.
Its eye sockets glowing a fiery red as it looked about for a life to slaughter.
A weird moan of delight came from between its foul green stained broken teeth.
For on the shore was a small open tent with a lone man sleeping there beneath!

The Spectre moved towards its victim as a slight ripple mixed with drifting fog.
A thick green slime clung to its bony frame as it manoeuvred quietly across the bog.
It stopped when only metres away grinning wickedly at its victim’s lonely form.
It gloated happy now that it would soon cut out the heart and eat it as was its usual norm!

But in the Spectre’s excitement it did not see the slight flicker of a watching eye.
It didn’t suspect this victim was fully awake and certainly in no way ready to die.
The Spectre then moved very, very slowly so the victim would be totally surprised.
Its greatest pleasure would come from the terrible shock and then the horrified cries.

Just as it was about to plunge the long shiny blade deep into several fatal spots.
The supposed sleeping man lifted up a Magnum 44 and fired several shots.
These of course were no ordinary bullets they were made from silver-lead.
It was the only way to kill an evil Spectre and know for sure it’s dead!

The Spectre screamed the most blood curdling scream you have ever heard.
Then it suddenly turned into a deranged dog, a mad cat, then a flapping bird!
But the silver-lead bullets had done their work, there was no escape to be had.
Suddenly it burst into blue green flames that totally consumed this evil so bad!

The man then stood up and put his Magnum back into its shiny holstered place.
He pulled out a little black book and made some entries with a smile upon his face.
For this night had gone down well, he hadn’t even had to use his trained hunting dogs.
He reckoned you couldn’t get an easier living than killing Spectres that lived in bogs!

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Poetry: Spectres That Live In Bogs!
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