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 Editors' Bible - coming soon

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Editors' Bible - coming soon Empty
PostSubject: Editors' Bible - coming soon   Editors' Bible - coming soon I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 01, 2012 10:51 am

The Editors' Bible will be published in the next week or two. The book aims to make self-editing easy for authors, and to clear up a few language confusions, amongst other things. I've pasted the back cover blurb below, and will let everyone know once it's available. Cave members can message me for a 20% discount on the cover price.

As the Editors’ Bible cover implies, this book is intended as a handbook
for editors and authors throughout the English-speaking world. If in doubt, use it as a reliable guide.

A few well-chosen words can fire the imagination and evoke images, but badly written manuscripts will damage your reputation as an author and chase away readers. This book gives authors the tools and knowledge, with ample examples, to write and self-edit effectively, and is a practical guide for professionals to refer to.

In addition to the usual language rules you’ll find in any other self-help
manual, the Editors’ Bible explains how editing and proofreading can make all the difference between a manuscript that ‘has potential’ and one that’s ‘ready to strike gold’. It contains writing and language-related tips that will save you time on your self-edit and money on your professional edit. You’ll learn some of the common errors and how to correct them, from punctuation and spelling to tenses, character point of view and manuscript formatting. Furthermore, you will gain a greater understanding of what authors want out of the working relationship with an editor, and vice versa.

Most of all, it will help every author with what he or she really wants
– to concentrate better on writing impressive work without worrying about how much of said work will end up discarded on the professional editor’s cutting table.

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Editors' Bible - coming soon
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