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 Members please read these Rules prior to posting.

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Members please read these Rules prior to posting. Empty
PostSubject: Members please read these Rules prior to posting.   Members please read these Rules prior to posting. I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 27, 2012 11:31 am


The Rules of this Community are very few. As Writers Poets and Artists we don't like too many rules that shackle us.

Those Rules are;

Rule 1.
There is to be No Pornographic Material posted. No Racism. No comments that could be Defamatory. If you are not sure Don't Post It. Breaking these rules could see you Banned.

Rule 2.
All Members are to be treated with respect. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Debate not Argument is the right way to go.
There is to be No Flaming or Ridicule of other Members.

Rule 3.
Anyone joining this site as a Member is expected to be active even if you don't post your own Topics. It is expected you will at least comment or reply to other's Topics. That's why we are here to hopefully see our work is read, looked at and appreciated. You do not have to Reply or Comment on all Topics. A couple periodically is fine. If you enjoyed the Topic why not Reply with a comment. The original Topic Poster will appreciate it greatly.
Views are not comments.

Rule 4.
All Members to check General Board each Visit for Information updates that may be posted there that involves them as Members.

Rule 5.
Members who join just to publicise their own Web Sites and do not comment on Topics or Post Topics will lose their Membership.

Rule 6.
Copyright material: Do not post anything that has Copyright unless you own it or have permission to use.
Currently some people are scanning the Web to find users and taking them to Court. So if an item like your Avatar has come from the Web and you didn't get permissions to use, "Get Rid Of It!" Use your own photos as Avatars or those already available on the Site.

Rule 7.
CRITIQUE will only be given on Critique Board. All Comments (Replies) to other Boards I.E. Poetry etc., will be of a general
Comment nature on the Work being commented on. Please consider your comments prior to posting as it could greatly affect any New Poets, Artists or Writers who are still finding their way. They deserve encouragement not flaming or ridicule. Even on Critique Board consideration should be given to your comments. (Replies) I.E. Are they constructive and of general assistance to the person asking for Critique or just plain ridicule. This Site is to aid and encourage new and upcoming Writers; Poets and Artists.

Rule 8.
There is to be No Spamming of other Members. No Advertising of third person products on this site. Promotion of Member's work and your Signature is ok. (Web Sites. Forums all OK on your posts as signatures.)

See I told you there were not many rules but those that are there must be taken seriously by all Members.


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Members please read these Rules prior to posting.
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