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 An Example Of A Story Poem

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PostSubject: An Example Of A Story Poem   An Example Of A Story Poem I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 14, 2012 3:51 am

A Story Poem

A Boundary Riders Tale!

As I lay all alone in my little iron roofed hut.

Listening to very angry rumbles of Thunder.

A sudden blue/white bolt of lightning struck!

Splitting a Gum Tree, completely asunder!

It was followed by yet another big strike.

Bringing more very loud thunder again.

Then a sudden loud drumming beat started.

Drumming on my iron roof, at the start of the rain.

Each time the fierce lightning would suddenly flash.

My hut would light up from the window, inside.

All I could do was to lay there and shiver.

There just wasn’t anywhere else, that I could hide!

Another weird sound then drifted in.

It was strange, sort of musical in tones?

I strained my ears trying to listen more close.

It sounded like Aborigines, clicking the bones?

A very low mournful chant I then also heard?

These weird sounds drifting in electrified air.

They seemed to be getting closer all the time?

So I jumped up to my small window, outside to stare!

Then I involuntarily sucked in hard my breath.

And trembled quite a bit at the knees.

For I spotted several blue/black wet ghostly bodies?

They were coming my way now through the trees!

I heard their footsteps then up very close.

It wasn’t long before they were at my front door.

When I went nervously to the door to open it.

About fifteen very unkempt wet Aborigines, I saw.

They didn’t say anything as they walked past me inside?

They entered and a sat in a big circle, right on the ground.

Then they started playing the clicking of bones.

With their very weird chanting accompanying the sound.

They just didn’t appear to want to talk with me at all?

They seemed content just to sit there and play?

Hopefully they would all depart again, just as quick.

As soon as this electrical storm, had gone away.

I went and sat back down again on my bunk.

And I looked down at them all squatting there.

Some seemed to be a little bit older than others.

All had very windblown and red earth matted hair.

A few had what looked like black holes in their back.

Looked like they’d been made with some kind of sharp stick?

They were also covered in deep raised tribal markings.

Thinking of the pain they went through, made me feel sick.

After a while their continuous chants had made me so sleepy.

I shut my eyes and soon I was in the land of my dreams.

Then with a heart pounding start, I suddenly sat up wide awake!

Awoken by a loud clap of thunder, or had it been screams.

On opening my eyes I couldn’t help, but cringe back in fright!

For all around my bunk all the Aborigines had crowded and stood!

They had then just stared down at me without saying a word.

Their eyes telling something had happened that just wasn’t good.

Then they suddenly all departed back out into the rain.

And back through the Gum Trees, they soon disappeared.

For some unknown reason, I felt very guilty and strange?

This whole Aboriginal episode, had been very weird?

At daylight the very next morning the Boss did arrive.

He came out in the Station Helicopter to take me away.

I wouldn’t be able to do my Boundary Work now in the floods.

So at the Station House till the ground dried, I’d have to stay.

As soon as we were airborne I told him my tale.

Of the peculiar visit that had happened last night?

He looked at me strangely and then shook his head.

And asked me, as he laughed, "Are you feeling alright?"

"There hasn’t been Aborigines on this place for over 100 years.

The last were driven by stock whips out to that gorge, over there!

Those poor sods who didn’t jump, were then shot in the back!

It was a terrible sin of Early Settlers, who just didn’t care!"

When the Helicopter finally landed just in front of the house.

Where I would stay for awhile as a guest of my Hosts.

Whilst the Boss walked along, like he hadn’t a care.

I walked on very shaky legs because I knew I’d seen Ghosts!

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An Example Of A Story Poem
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