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 Cooked Style Roll Mop Herrings!

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PostSubject: Cooked Style Roll Mop Herrings!   Cooked Style Roll Mop Herrings! I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 11, 2012 7:11 am



Many people can be turned off from trying the generally raw style of
commercial Roll Mop Herrings found in jars on Supermarket shelves.
(These are not the same variety generally as our Herring/Tommy Ruff. They are
more the European Herring family types. Although, our Herring/Tommy Ruff
turn out very similar when raw pickled this way.)
The main reason that people can be turned off from trying these Commercial
Roll Mop Herrings being of course they don’t like the idea that the fish
is basically raw and even if tried it can also be found to be a little tough or chewy to boot.
Having enjoyed frying, grilling, bar-be-cueing, soup making, and just about every other method
of preparing these great little fighting fish for eating (Aussie
Herring/Tommy Ruff) there comes a time every season that if you’ve had
really good catches you’ve had enough of eating Herring for awhile at least.
Thus, Retribution’s cooked style Roll Mop Herrings came into being!


Whilst this is a very simple recipe care to detail will ensure great
satisfaction in the end product. Same recipe suitable for Yellow Eyed
Mullet, Whiting and other small table fish that can be filleted with
skin left on and are not too overly thick to prevent rolling into a Roll



You’ll need a large lidded Glass Jar (large Coffee Jar or similar) that can
hold at least one dozen Herring Filleted. (24 Roll Mops) Of course you
can extend this recipe for as many fish as you desire with more Jars and

Scale but don’t bother gutting your fish.

Cut two fillets, one from each side of fish and leave for further preparation till all fish are filleted. (Leave skin on.)


Next, carefully slice away rib bones and then do a narrow V cut down
the center of each fillet to remove bones found there.(Try not to cut
through skin when doing this) Scrape away gut viscera and put fillets in
a bowl of water with plenty of salt. Leave to soak for ten minutes
(This also removes blood from fillets) Then rinse clean and pat dry.

Making your Roll Mops

You’ll need a jar of Dill pickled Gherkins and a Pkt of Toothpicks for this
section. Cut your Gherkins into slices that will fit inside a Roll
Mopped Fillet. Trial and error here depending on size of your Gherkins.

Roll your fish fillet into a Roll Mop Skin side out with a slice of
Gherkin inside and hold together by pushing a toothpick through the
fillet.( This is easier said than done so I will give you a tip)
Before rolling up the fillet push the toothpick through the widest
end skin side first with just the tip poking through the flesh then roll
up the fillet with the gherkin and pierce the roll with the toothpick
and push right through. (You’ll get the idea.)

Put all finished Roll Mops into a suitable sized Cooking Pot.


Cover Roll Mops with enough water to have a couple of inches of water over the top. (Reason will become apparent later)

Put at least a couple of tablespoons of salt in the water. (This is per
personal taste but you’ll find the end product becomes a little bland
if you go very light on salt at this time)

Bring water to just beginning to boil. ( this is important DO NOT BOIL
OR OVERBOIL) While this is occurring it is a great time to remove any
scum from the top of water that comes from oils and blood remaining in
fillets. (Leaves less scum sediment in final product in Jar) Thus the
couple of inches of extra water to make this easy going.

Immediately remove pot from heat and tip out gently, refilling
carefully with cold water to cool off Roll Mops. (Care must be taken at
this time not to break up the Roll Mops as they are cooked and soft.
They will harden up again for handling once they are pickled)


[b]For this section you will need a Pkt Pickling Spices, Salt and Pepper,
Chilly Powder (If you like hot and spicy) Two large onions sliced thinly
into rings.One litre bottle of White Wine Vinegar (best if you can find
2% strength ) (NOT MALT TYPES)

Place in bottom of Jar (Sterilized) some onion rings, then using tongs
place several Roll Mops on top being careful to keep them just a little
apart (They can stick together until they pickle then they don’t)
Sprinkle in some pickling spices, some salt and pepper, Chilly powder if
you like hot stuff. Then start procedure over again with more onion
rings, Roll Mops, Spices etc till you fill jar to within an inch of
top.You can also put in some sliced Gherkin if you wish between each

Fill Jar with White Wine Vinegar and top off with water till within half
inch of top or covering completely all Roll Mops. (Half water Half
Vinegar is ok depends on size of Jar used)

Pour in enough olive oil to make a seal on top (Approx two tablespoons average large jar or big Coffee Jar.

Screw on lid and put into Pantry cupboard for storage. Ready to eat within 24 hours.
Refrigerate once opened.

Do not worry if some of the pickling spices float to top as they will after becoming saturated sink again very shortly.

NOTE: Trial and error regarding salt. I usually add pinch salt to each layer of roll mops as I go. Otherwise the pickling can make them bland in flavour. Up to you and your preference.

Regarding life of product I have no idea as what I make is eaten within a month so trial and error here if you wish to keep in storage for longer periods.

Bet you come back for more!!!



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Cooked Style Roll Mop Herrings!
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