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 Please read this first prior to posting

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PostSubject: Please read this first prior to posting   Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:16 pm

Please use this forum for your Short Stories or Excerpts. Just use New Topic Button this forum.

If your words are many you might find some sentence
breaks when posted. (like so.) Don't worry too much as can still be read by all ok.

It appears any lengths longer than 1500 words this happens. It's a problem on all forums. You can try using notepad or just text without any codes and see what occurs.

Some post their work in smaller sections or excerpts and this seems to work. So you can in that sense serialise your short stories with three or four Topics. Part one: Part two and so on if it's going to run into 5000 words or more.


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Please read this first prior to posting
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