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 Poetry: The Pain!

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PostSubject: Poetry: The Pain!   Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:34 am


The pain really takes my breath away.

From this terrible agony I just have to flee.

To run to where glorious relief abides.

But just how do I run away, from me?

I run and run in great despair.

Still no easing comes from the pain.

Then I lift my face up to the sky.

My tears meld in with the falling rain.

I call on God and all the Saints.

To please ease this agony for me.

But my pleas of mercy go unheard.

My terrible plight they do not see.

I think sometimes just to end it all.

Nothing else will end this pain.

Perhaps leap from a very high cliff!

Or throw myself right under a train!

Just what have I done deserving this?

There appears to be no reason why?

I am in total bewilderment with it.

As I scream profanities at the sky!

It’s not much longer that I can last.

So please God, mercy, for my sake!

Give me courage to visit a Dentist.

So he can cure my bloody Tooth-ache!

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Poetry: The Pain!
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